Caramel Cheeba Chews

So good you need to remind yourself that this is medicine! Mmmm caramel! Exclusively available at the YB Collectives.

The Deca Dose Cheeba Chews

The Deca Dose is one of the more heavily medicated edibles carried by the YB Collectives.

The Original Cheeba Chews

The YB Collectives all carry the Cheeba Chews Quads. Available in Hybrid, Sativa & Indica

Green Hornet Gummies

One of the newer products being offered by Cheeba Chews, exclusively sold at all the YB Collectives.

Mint Chocolate Cheeba Chews

Tasty, melt in your mouth deliciousness of mint & chocolate in Hybrid, Sativa and Indica. Exclusively available at the Yb Collective!

The YB Collective offers Northern California
Cheeba Chews in all varieties

The award winning YB Collectives carry the two-time High Times Cannabis Cup winner (2011 & 2012) for medicated edibles, Cheeba Chews! Now being made in California for licensed medical marijuana patients who need to discreetly medicate and be able to release the medicine into the body on a more controllable basis.

During Denver’s first High Times hosting of the Cannabis Cup in 2011, Cheeba Chews entered it's hash infused chocolate taffy into the category of best edible. When the results were posted, here's how the top three edibles from around Denver were ranked: 1. Deca Dose - Cheeba Chews 2. Pecanna Bar - Standing Akimbo 3. Blueberry Pie Bar - Good Chemistry.

Now these wonderful, medicinal edibles are available in California and are featured at the YB Collectives of San Jose! As the new Cheeba Chew products come to California, the YB Collectives will strive to keep bountiful stock of these hash oil infused candies. There are a variety of flavors, strains and doses to choose from by Cheeba Chews available at all the YB Collective locations throughout San Jose.





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